Project Thesis Place And Clone

Planned Architecture:

Tabletop: The component on the tabletop displays pictures which can be dragged to any place on the table by touching them with the finger and moving the finger. If the tablet is put onto a picture an event is sent to the TabletFinder component which initiates further steps.
  • displaying and dragging pictures ... done
  • using smartBoardSDK to get Touch Events ... done
  • -> Problem: If putting tablet on Tabletop, it is not always the center-coordinate that is returned to the eventListener
  • -> Solution: No Zoom ! The camera does not zoom closer to the center coordinate!

TabletFinder: Component which is responsible for finding a tablet and initiating the copy process of the pictures on the tabletop onto the tablet If event received, it zooms to the place of the tablet where the down-Event originated and starts picture processing and hough transformation to find the tablet if available. If a tablet is found, the coordinates are calculated so that a copy-progress bar can be shown on the table close to the tablet PC and with the correct orientation.
  • zooming to correct place on the tabletop after receiving a down-event ... done
  • -> used several fixpoints with measured shift, tilt and zoom factors for interpolation between them
  • preparing picture for houghtransformation with imageprocessing elements ... done
  • -> integrated AFORGE framework for some ImageProcessing ... done
  • -> used for AFORGE for Threshold Binarization, Difference EdgeDetection, Contrast Correction, Erosion and Dilatation
  • Implementing Hough Transformation + Visualization to find rectangle ... done,
  • -> Access on Pixel by using standard method is slow, used unsafe code to access bytes directly (Improved speed)
  • -> Standart Hough Implementation with optimization for returned Maxima-List (Array with (r,theta)Maxima )
  • -> unsolved PROBLEM: not All necessary Lines are detected or too many are detected
  • -> Parallel Lines are not found as parallel Lines -> lines must be converted into lines in 3d space
  • Using Direct Lineat Transformation for mapping recorded Points in 2D Coordinates to 3D tabletop coordinates
  • -> Measuring Fixpoints that match edges of table
  • -> calculate homgraphy that represents the association between 2d and 3d tabletop coordinates
  • New Possibilities using 3d coordinates concerning tablet finding:
  • -> calculate Intersection points of lines of a rectangle
  • -> remove found rects that are still too much distorted on the tabletop
  • -> remove rects that have the wrong length for a tablet PC
  • Integrated Use of 2 Cameras
  • -> DLT homography is calculated for both cameras, both cameras can be used
  • -> implemented a threaded variation of finding a tablet: both cams are processed in a different thread

EventHeap Server: The Server must be started before each other component
  • Server implementation ... done

  • learning C#
  • connecting to the cams
  • -> for both cams, I implemented functions for shifting, tilting and zooming
  • integrated AFORGE framework for some ImageProcessing
  • -> used for Threshold Binarization, Difference EdgeDetection, Contrast Correction
  • -> also used for Erosion and Dilatation
  • Implementing Hough Transformation + Visualization,
  • -> Access on Pixel by using standard method is slow, used unsafe code to access bytes directly
  • -> Improving speed of Hough Transformation
  • Evaluating Output of Hough (Array with (r,theta)Maxima
  • -> flatten to any possible rectangle
  • Creating application on the tabletop that
  • -> returns the center of the tablet when layed down on the table
  • -> sends the center to the main TabletFinder application
  • Adjusting parameters so that the tablet is recognized
  • Trying to find the tablet ( trying to find parallel lines and vertical lines )
  • -> necessary to convert found houghMaxima into 3d space
  • -> finding a way to get the center of the tablet position on the tabletop
  • -> done

Currently doing:
  • ...

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