Implementation and Evaluation of the Cardgame Interaction Technique

  • Diplomarbeit (6 months)
  • Start: immediately
  • Supervisor: OtmarHilliges
  • Required skills: Java/C++, Interaction Design, ComputerGraphics

Project Description:

The Fluidum project investigates interaction with different types of information in instrumented environments. In such environments large numbers of displays in various dimensions and resolutions are built into the fabric of the users’ surroundings. Among them table-top, wall-mounted and projection based displays. Setups like this require a different approach to present, access and manipulate information than conventional desktop setups do. Not only the size and amount of displays differ, but also the way they are related to each other and how they are used.

To foster communication and collaboration amongst users of such environments, special interaction techniques are required. In this diploma thesis a new interaction technique called “Card Game Interaction” should be investigated. The technique is a bi-manual interaction style where the left hand is used to position a personalized workspace and the right hand is used to do fine grained manipulations in it.

Similar to a real card game, should the workspace be used to temporally hold information picked up from the underlying display. Later this information can be dropped back to a different display or it can be explicitly handed over to a collaborating user.

The student is expected to implement, based on available software and hardware, a working prototype for the interaction technique. It has to work in a true multi user setting (multiple parallel inputs) and across different devices. Also should the technique work with different types of data (e.g. pictures, documents, 3D Objects). Further an evaluation of the interaction technique has to be conducted.

Kartenspiel_1.jpg lensdetail.jpg Kartenspiel_2.jpg personalspatialinterface.jpg

-- OtmarHilliges - 21 Nov 2005
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