Authoring Environment

02 Feb 2006
  • new labeling attribute in vector events
  • no-sample icon
  • custom duration shown
  • custom duration can be deleted

30 Jan 2006
  • new editing tools
    • Import chapter
    • Import book
  • feedback if text and voice are in sync

28 Jan 2006
  • new editing tools
    • Copy selected text
    • Cut Selected Text
    • Paste Text
    • Cut Element
    • Paste Element

27 Jan 2006
  • Chapter Access Restriction

24 Jan 2006
  • New switches:
    • "crossProductOn": on the Whiteboard there is now the (very rudimentary) possibility to display a formula with live updating numbers. At the moment this is only possible for the crossproduct. It works like this: You assign the yellow, cyan and magenta vectors to attributes A, B and C respectively that actually form a crossproduct. Then you turn on that switch and it will be displayed as A x B = C (without checking if that actually makes sense) on the WhiteBoard over the vector names.
    • "vectorNamesOn": turns on the vectors names on the Whiteboard
20 Jan 2006
  • New switches:
    • "coordSysTransparent": makes the user coordinate system transparent
    • "moveSceneWithCoordSys": if you move the the user coordinate system, it moves the whole scene
    • "rotateSceneWithCoordSys": if you rotate the the user coordinate system, it rotates the whole scene

17 Jan 2006
  • Skipping over lines-bug fixed

13 Jan 2006
  • Visualzations parameterizable (Mass + Angular Velocity)
  • Pictures schedulable
  • text can be imported from text files. Lines are seperated by the ENTER - key

12 Jan 2006
  • Visu stoppable

07 Jan 2006
  • new flags + forward / backward new semantic
    • "forward": stops the tutorial (if not stopped already) and goes to the next line (Standart)
    • "backward": stops the tutorial (if not stopped already) and goes to the previous line (Standart)
    • "nextStation" moves one step forward in the user's history if possible, comparable with forward in a webbrowser (Standart)
    • "previousStation": moves one step backward in the user's history if possible, comparable with forward in a webbrowser (Standart)
  • switch for pause/resume now standart
  • inertia stored in three vectors for easier visulization

06 Jan 2006
  • switch properties no longer available as WaitFlagEvents, to confusing and undetermined
  • line input blocks automaticlly when the line is too long

User Interface

05 Feb 2006
  • apply forces, freeze, gravity, and simulation rate now have standart interactables at designated positions in the interface. They are turned off by default and can be turned on indiviudually for each scene.
  • if non labeled interactables are disabled, they are also invisible.

04 Feb 2006
  • Icon of current chapter always in brackets
  • Help button (no implementation yet, just logs when the user needs help)
  • "Reset" button and "Rotate Scene" switch standart

02 Feb 2006
  • Vectors can be labeled
  • rotating the coordinate system restricted to axis, visual feedback on what the dragger does
  • only the upper 2/3 of the screen are used as the quality is too bad below that on the fogscreen
  • sound when formulas show up

28 Jan 2006
  • Most interaction now on grab gesture / left mouse button. Right mouse button/pointing gesture now for secondary interaction (like...)
  • Bookmarks can be deleted by clicking right on them

27 Jan 2006
  • 3D Cursor hidden as it was more confusing then useful with the 2D Cursor, can be turned on again by pressing 'h'.

24 Jan 2006
  • Displayable vectors restricted to the first six: yellow, magenta, cyan, orange, seagreen, violet. This has to be regarded in older scripts where there might be for example blue vectors in use.

21 Jan 2006
  • Position and history stored for the user periodically

20 Jan 2006
  • 2D Cursor for easier interaction

11 Jan 2006
  • Highlighting (Parts & Objects)
  • Bookmarking
  • Navigation Lineup
  • User Orientation (Booktitle + Chaptertitle displayed)

07 Jan 2006
  • WhiteBoard config file
    • setable colors (keys 0-9)
    • remembers position
    • l-key resets window position to 0,0
  • new Interactable: LabeledIconSwitch3D

06 Jan 2006
  • new Interactable: LabeledIcon3D

-- MarcBreisinger
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