Da ich ja das WisMon-Spiel rausnehmen musste, komme ich mit einem kleinen Gegenvorschlag.



The game is based upon the well-known PC or mobile phone game Tennis or Ping-Pong. The idea of this context-aware Tennis game is to be able to play it in a single-player or multiplayer mode. The player has a bat and tries to hit the ball in order to hinder the ball falling off the gameboard. The context-aware game reacts to several parameters in order to make the simple game more interesting and worthwhile playing.


The game has several parameters which can be influenced like:

  • velocity of the ball
  • velocity of the bat
  • size of the ball
  • size of the bat
  • socalled bumpers
  • bonus
  • enemies
  • level

The parameters which can influence the game can be:

  • social interaction (BT, IR) (how many mobile phones are near by?)
  • battery status
  • signal strength
  • location (GPS, cell ID)


ContexTEN can be played in two different modi:single player or multi player.

Single Player

  • player plays regular Tennis
but with special features:
  • location-based: different location -> different game level
  • social interaction: the more phones are around the more bumpers appear on the gameboard and the more difficult the game becomes (different speed/size)
  • if another person plays ContexTEN near by, the game automatically switches into the multi player modus.

Multi Player

  • I play ContexTEN against a real person - not an AI.
  • but still with the same effects of the parameters as in single player

Framework architecture

  • KI
  • Social Interaction (BT, IR)
  • ...

First Phase - Praktikum SS 2006

What could be realised in 4 days?

  • Diese Spielidee ist mal etwas anderes, glaub aber nicht, dass sie sehr viel weniger spannender ist. Mit dieser Idee wird ein schon eine bestehende Spielidee durch viele lustige Eigenschaften erweitert und damit interessanter gemacht. Ich finde auch, dass dieses Spiel innerhalb von einer Woche realisiert werden kann. -- NoraZelhofer - 3 June 2006

-- NoraZelhofer - 03 Jun 2006
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