Design and Implementation of a Virtual Interactive Room Object (VIRO)

  • Diplomarbeit (6 months)
  • Start: immediately
  • Supervisor: Sebastian Boring
  • Required skills: Object-oriented programming language, 3D graphics

Project Description

The Fluidum project investigates interaction with different types of information in instrumented environments. The instrumented room in the basement of AmalienstraŖe 17 is equipped with a steerable projector mounted on the ceiling in the basement, which is able to display in all directions within the room. Additionally, a FireWire webcam is attached to the projector. This camera is able to observe the space where the projector is able to display.

The idea is to display a virtual three-dimensional object on any place in the room. Since the projector can only display two dimensions, the object needs to be modeled in a three-dimensional space. Additionally, the object needs to be rotated correctly according to the userís position. This means, that the object will change its orientation whenever the user looks at it in a different angle.

Furthermore, the user might be in a position where the object cannot be displayed onto one of the walls (i.e. the user is between the projector and the projection surface). Thus, the object needs to be aware of the userís position to be able to evade the user. This should also happen, if only parts of the object are occluded.

For this diploma thesis, the student is expected to create a virtual object and implement its behaviors. Thus, s/he should also design a model to detect occlusions and evade those. The virtual room object should be easily interchangeable with other objects to allow further implementation. Finally, the object needs to be rendered correctly at every position of the room (without distortions).

steerable.jpg firewire-1.jpg virtual-inhabitant-1.jpg

Project Flyer (pdf)

-- SebastianBoring - 12 Jun 2006
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