There are many visualization tools available in infovis, but most of them are designed to display customized visualisations for specific data sets. PULSE is an approach to handle various time based data sets, no matter which problem domain is addressed. Therefore time based data is organized in streams of events, each having at least a name, starting time and duration. PULSE provides a basic interface to enable the user to compare, analyze and visualize such data by conerting XML-based input files into a zoom- and panable visualisation. Events are displayed in a calendar like overview. Apart from that, PULSE offers a highly customizable area to display detailed information. In this paper we want to discuss related work, then describe the design of PULSE and propose future improvements.

Interested? Get the paper! * IVPulse.pdf: The complete Paper to the PULSE Project

  • PULSE in action:


PULSE is open source, and licensed as seen below. Feel free to expand PULSE!

PULSE can implement any type of data-sets and provides basic and advanced interaction techniques, provided the *.xml file you feed PULSE with is build according to the following XML schema.

  • streamML.xsd: Create any data-sets using this XML schema, and easily explore them via PULSE!

Some UML

* uml_events.png: uml_events

* uml_visualization.png: uml_visualization

Related Work

PULSE was built using Processing. Check it out! http://processing.org/

Prefuse: http://vis.berkeley.edu/papers/prefuse/

ProtoVis: http://hci.stanford.edu/jheer/files/2009-Protovis-InfoVis.pdf


Behind PULSE

PULSE was developed as a semester project during the lecture "Informationsvisualisierung" (http://www.medien.ifi.lmu.de/lehre/ws0910/iv/) held by Prof. Butz under the supervision of Dominikus Baur.

PULSE was coded and contrived by:

Christian Breil

Anna Follmann

Roman Graebsch


To get more information and sketches from the develoment and initial thoughts about PULSE, check out some of the files in the Wiki appendix.

PULSE is licensed...

Creative Commons License
PULSE by Christian Breil, Anna Follmann, Roman Graebsch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany License.
Based on a work at wiki.medien.ifi.lmu.de/Main/IVPulse.
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