Implementation of the ‘Flash and Peep’ Method for Finding and Tracking Displays

  • Projektarbeit (3 months)
  • Start: immediately
  • Supervisor: Sebastian Boring
  • Required skills: Object-oriented programming language

Project Description

The Fluidum project investigates interaction with different types of information in instrumented environments. The instrumented room in the basement of Amalienstraße 17 is equipped with several displays. One major question is how these displays can be localized in three-dimensional space.

One solution for this problem is the ‘Flash and Peep’ method. Displays can attract attention by flashing in a characteristic pattern and color. Once they are found by a camera, their exact position can be calculated robustly from a set of markers they display. To ensure the stability of this method, a certain degree of redundancy must exist in the environment. Thus, the system should use two steerable cameras.

In addition to the identification of the devices it is desirable to have more information regarding their capabilities, such as screen size, processing power or even the type of device. With this information, the room’s output layer should be able to determine the representation of information.

Furthermore, this system needs to have a fast and stable calibration procedure. Within this step, the system should configure the optimal flashing color of the screens depending on the ambient light at each position.

For this project thesis, the student is expected to implement the two steps of the ‘Flash and Peep’ method. These include the blinking of a screen that wants to be found and the displaying of fiducial markers once it has been found by at least one camera. Finally, the system needs to be evaluated using diverse devices (PDA, cell phone, tablet PC, etc.) to show the system’s reliability.

room-1.jpg table-1.jpg
steerable.jpg steerable-camera-1.jpg

Project Flyer (pdf)

-- SebastianBoring - 06 Jun 2006
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