Interaction techniques for browsing of digital movie databases on a table top display

Otmar Hilliges
Amalienstr.17 Raum 208


Diploma Thesis (6 months)

Project Description:

The Fluidum project investigates interaction with different types of information units in instrumented environments. In order to represent and manipulate potentially large collections of data, interactive visual representations are needed. These visualizations should support searching, grouping, categorizing and sharing of data and should work in different contexts of usage (single user, co-located collaboration on a shared display, remote collaboration, etc.).

Recently more and more technology is on the leap from our working environments into our living rooms. Large screen flat TVs, internet enabled set top boxes and media-center PCs are only the beginning. With more screen real estate and more content available at our finger tips we need to think about new ways to organize, access and interact with digital media.

In this thesis a new way to browse, organize and play digital movie collections has to be implemented. In the project a vertical interactive screen (the interactive couch table) should be used to browse and organize a digital movie collection. The display wall in the Fluidum Instrumented Environment is then used for movie playback.

Since the prototype that has to be developed is targeted at the living room no mouse or keyboard is available for interaction with the information. Thus new interaction forms such as Bi-Manual and Hybrid interaction techniques have to be investigated.

The student has to develop a visualization of a digital movie collection that allows, browsing, organizing, searching and of course playback of movies. Further has a matching interaction technique, on the interactive table, to be developed. Finally a evaluation of the prototype needs to be carried out.

Required skills:

Object-Oriented Programming Language, Creativity, Interface Design

-- OtmarHilliges - 26 May 2006
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