Designing an Email Application for Tabletop Interfaces in Instrumented Environments

  • Diplomarbeit (6 months) or Projektarbeit (3 months)
  • Start: immediately
  • Supervisor: Sebastian Boring
  • Required skills: Object-oriented programming language, Interaction Design

Project Description

The Fluidum project investigates interaction with different types of information in instrumented environments. The instrumented room in the basement of Amalienstraße 17 is equipped with a large interactive conference table that uses pen-based input. Thus, using traditional copying methods, such as using the network environment is not feasible due to scrolling and/or browsing through different folders. Therefore, new interaction techniques need to be investigated.

One idea is to use a tablet PC to gather data from the table. To copy data from the table’s surface, a simple and well-known metaphor of the physical world can be used. A common method for copying data is a standard copier, which can be found in every office. Applying this technique to the digital world, a user would be able to easily transfer data from the table to the tablet where s/he can edit and/or process digital information, which is now accessible on a mobile device.

The implementation needs to be as follows. If a user wants to gather data from the table, s/he needs to put down the tablet PC upside down onto the desired information. Once the camera-based tracking system has recognized the tablet’s position and orientation on the table, the interface will give a feedback to the user also known from the physical world. This means, that the interface will show illuminated bars moving beneath the tablet indicating that a copy process is running. This occurrence is well-known from copiers and scanners.

For a project thesis, the student is expected to implement the interface described above using camera-based tracking as well as the input gained from the table’s interactive surface. For a diploma thesis, the student is further expected to generate a concept of a useful data representation. This includes several attributes associated to information across the room.

canon-copier-1.jpg paceblade-1.jpg

Project Flyer (pdf)

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