• Overview Semantic Web (RDF, Ontologies, Dublin Core)

MPEG-7 Multimedia Content Description Interface: (6)
  • MPEG-7 Overview and Format (DDL, Binary Format, Description Schemes,...)

  • Extraction+Description: Face (Recognition)
  • Extraction+Description: Color + Texture (e.g. Similarity, Pattern matching,...)
  • Extraction+Description: Shape (e.g. for visual object retrieval or indexing, 2D+3D)
  • Extraction+Description: Motion (e.g. for content-based querying in combination with shape/color, video browsing (find most active parts of soccer game etc.))
  • Extraction+Description: Audio (Fundamental, Spoken Content, Sound Classification and Similarity)

Multimedia and the Semantic Web:
  • MPEG-7 Ontology, RDF for SMIL

Anwendungen: (8)
  • Multimedia Metadata Authoring (MPEG-7 Authoring, Advanced Authoring Format)
  • Multimedia Content Management on Mobile Devices (Annotated Video,Photo-Sharing,...)
  • Video Retrieval and Summarization (e.g. for search)
  • Personalized Video- and TV-Services (TV-Anytime)
  • Metadata for Media Exchange in the Broadcasting Business (XBMF,SOMA,...)
  • Video Editing Using Metadata (e.g. multiple views at different levels of abstraction)
  • Managing Digital Music Libraries (iTunes,...)
  • Music Retrieval (e.g. Query by Humming)

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