Implementation of a 3D Rendering Component for FLUIDUM

  • Projektarbeit (3 months) or HiWi-Job
  • Start: immediately
  • Supervisor: Otmar Hilliges
  • Required skills: C++, OpenGL, SceneGraph Frameworks, ComputerGraphics

The Fluidum project investigates interaction with different types of information units in instrumented environments. In order to represent and manipulate potentially large collections of data, interactive visual representations are needed. The instrumented room in the basement of Amalienstra▀e 17, will, for example, contain three large back projection displays next to each other, covering the full width of a wall. And a steerable projector to display graphics on potentially every part of the room. So that the whole room can be used as a display.

To be able to display Information in that room a 3D rendering component is needed that allows us to display arbitrary 3D Objects in space. Further these objects must be modifiable and movable, so that Interaction with the Virtual Information is possible.

For the Projektarbeit, the student is expected to design and implement a concept on how FLUIDUM application programmers can achieve the following tasks:
  • Add/Remove Objects
  • Move Objects in Space
  • Change Properties of Objects (e.g. visibility, size, color, texture...)
  • Display Meta Information and Controls (HUD-Style Text and Buttons)
Ideally a concept how more complex tasks like zooming, grouping and searching could be realized should be developed. Also some thoughts on Synchronizing multiple instances of the component are desired.

The component is meant to be built on top of a Scenegraph library (osg) which limits the necessary knowledge about Computer Graphics esp. OpenGL.

-- OtmarHilliges - 07 Jul 2005
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