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WebRadio related notes

-- SiegfriedWagner - 03 Mar 2005

  • WebRadio is a kind of service: They pay the fees to play the music that I can hear, they build a playlist for me and often they offer some additional information. I don't have to care about anything, I only have to choose the right station.
  • Disadvantages of WebRadio in comparison to IndividualMusicPlayer:
    • The bandwidth is not high enough to achieve full quality
    • Costs are often to high to listen for a longer time (especially mobile listening!)
    • The interactivity is very limited, you can only choose what station to hear, not the song

-- SiegfriedWagner - 20 Jun 2005

  • Advantages of Radio in comparison to IndividualMusicPlayer:
    • The possibilities of interaction with the IndividualMusicPlayer can lead to frustration when you're always skipping songs that you don't want to hear at the moment (in shuffle mode) or you're searching a long time for the right music (with hierarchical or flat structure)
    • With Radio the recipient knows that he can do nearly nothing to manipulate the programming so it's more or less accepted (except for all recurrences and the many commercials...)
    • Radio provides additional up-to-date services like news and promotes new (yet nearly unknown) music

  • Disadvantages of Podcasting:
    • The User has to find the appropriate podcasts that he wants to subscribe to -> this takes a lot of time
    • The periods of updates of podcasts are very different, so it's more complicated to organize a whole new set of podcasts to listen to for every day
    • There are so many offers with very poor content so it's very difficult to find a few good ones
    • Podcasting is offline and so not live, this also means that direct interaction is very limited and can only be realized in a delayed manner, like for example a reaction to emails in the next podcast show
    • Commercial podcasts will more likely guarantee good content quality but then there will be a fee to pay

-- SiegfriedWagner - 22 Jul 2005

Questions that remain:
  1. How much interaction is wanted if it's only for personal use and not for community purpose?
  2. How much interaction is accepted when it's for a community?
  3. What kind of interaction can be added to devices for individual use (e.g. iPod) to add community features?
  4. Could CollaborativeListening be of interest?

-- SiegfriedWagner - 03 Mar 2005

New interaction ideas for WebRadio

  • Everyone listens to a common stream but if one song isn't wanted it can be exchanged or automatically excluded (realized by a MultiChannelStream):
    • Only the one who doesn't want to listen to the original song listens to his other song instead -> so there's a little problem with synchronization, when the next original song should be played
    • This is an alternative to voting against one song and if a majority votes against it it's excluded for all listeners
    • Idea behind voting against or reacting against one song instead of voting for one song is that people more react in declining a thing than to vote for something

  • Another feature realized by using a MultiChannelStream can be the option to exclude a moderator or to include/exclude news breaks.

That's all for now.

-- SiegfriedWagner - 03 Mar 2005

Music Player Usage

  • Situation: I just want to go doing something while listening to music on my mobile music player.
  • What I don't want to:
    • to care about what to upload on the mobile player (especially to buy new music)
    • to care about what is going to be played i.e. building playlists
    • to hear the same songs of the last times I used the player

  • A small collection (of music) on a less organizable player is maybe better, so the organizing stuff can be done on a better usable interface
  • The best would be an automatic organizer of the music collection integrated into the player but this seems to be the most difficult part, because similarity is not the only and best method

  • Categories of Individual Music Players: Software Player on computer, Standalone Player in home environment, Mobile Player with the ability for online connections and without (offline players)

-- SiegfriedWagner - 20 Jun 2005

Categories for Webradio

  • Webradio co-streaming the live content of conventional broadcasting radio station
  • Webradio with additional services and content provided by conventional broadcasting radio station
  • Webradio as web-only service with new specialized content and new possibilities of interaction
  • Webradio with (multiple) nonstop music channel(s)
  • Webradio with programmes like conventional broadcasting radio stations
  • Webradio made by professionals and by amateurs
  • Webradio build upon community

-- SiegfriedWagner - 25 Jul 2005

Possible Contacts

  • IfKW: Prof. Brosius -> Oliver Quiring (Subject "Personalization")
  • IfKW: Prof. Brosius -> Quandt (?) (for Webradio Research)

-- SiegfriedWagner - 11 Mar 2005

Links and Documents

-- SiegfriedWagner - 22 Jul 2005
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